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@sheogorath @matrix however it happened, I'm glad that it didn't have anything to do with the security of the software itself (synapse), but rather the underlying infrastructure.
My guess would be that there was a server configuration issue, but we'll have to wait for the official explanation :)
Lets just hope they'll get everything back on the rails soon.

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If you wonder where the CodiMD community channel went, here is a short text explaining it:

TL;DR: is rebuilding their infrastructure from scratch after a security incident.

@matrix Turns out that there was a successful compromise of the Matrix infrastructure happening.

Details from Matrix on Twitter:

You may ask how that could happen, but more important: It didn't stay unnoticed and that's a good sign.

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Okay I just realized that @matrix went down as well. Maybe that's the reason the announcement didn't make it through.

For those who run on and wonder why there is no connection:

Matrix announced an emergency maintenance on Twitter:

Sadly @matrix didn't receive the love it deserves and informs the Fediverse.

Anyway, that's why we have a community. We compensate short coming of each other and together make sure the world becomes a better place!

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Just a thought, but when Mozilla would provide a DoH server that runs in Intel SGX or similar it should be easy to distribute the DNS requests on 3rd parties.

Intel SGX would take care of running the same code as Mozilla provided, which ensure that no privacy violations appear and at the same time, we can run decentralized with DoH by default.

Oh and for latency, we need to add some response time measuring code in FF to select the fasts DoH server.

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Have you ever made a symbolic icon for a GNOME app and wanted to test if it recolors correctly?

If you open a 16x16px SVG in Icon Preview, it shows the icon in a number of realistic situations. It even auto-reloads if you change the file.

Get the app on Flathub

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If you have something to say thats so long it needs 8 toots to say it, maybe you should just write a blog post?

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"The internet is commonly described as a cloud. In reality, its a series of wet, fragile tubes, and Google is about to own an alarming number of them. The numbers speak for themselves; Google will own 10,433 miles of submarine cables internationally when the Curie cable is completed later this year. The total shoots up to 63,605 miles when you include cables it owns in consortium with Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon." - #InternetAccess

The whole split up of and showed me how important and powerful is. It's a really great license when you plan to run a project, because it ensures no matter what happens, the community stays in power.

As long as you use the AGPL end-product all features, extensions, have to be published and provided to you. Things become a common good and spread knowledge. When you run something on AGPL, don't fall for license changes, it'll only weaken your position.

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Thank you, #Microsoft, for sharing how many #Google services are looming in the #Chrome/#Chromium browser. I hope all projects that use Chromium take note and also start removing these. (slide was presented at BlinkOn conference)

Looking for opinions on Flatpak isolation for .

Right now we only allow write access to the Downloads directory, which causes problem with drag and drop and sending files in general. We currently considering to give access to the entire home directory, but the big question is: Allow writing or read-only access?

Discussion can be found here:

If someone is into CPP or electron development, please have a look at:

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thanks for your work on the #riot #flatpak! I use it every day, and everytime I see an update to riot I'm happy that a fediverse friend is responsible :)

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