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Today 3 years ago 12 people founded Nextcloud as an 100% Open Source, sustainable, community oriented and privacy aware cloud project and company. Iβ€˜m so happy and proud to see what the Nextcloud community achieved since then.

A few months ago, Microsoft decided to collaborate with Google and drop its web engine in favor of Google's.

Earlier this week, Google blocked all ad blockers, and now Microsoft has de-listed UBlock Origin (a powerful ad-blocker). Without real choice, monopolies will dictate what you see and do on the Internet.

Real choice comes with Free/Open Source Software.

@switchingsocial Interestingly, for some reason the book didn't open well in foliate :/

But my (hardware) ebook reader seems to like it so no problems here. Will open a bug report.

Just bought @switchingsocial's book in order to give it to a friend :)

Pricing seems fair and looks like a good read, I like it πŸ‘πŸ»

Let's push freedom πŸŽ‰

i'm trying to fill my rss reader with more #blogs by actual people (instead of news stuff). anyone can recommend me interesting active blogs?

#literature, #philosophy, #linux, #opensource, #tech, etc and whatnot :D

boosting appreciated :)

Community expectations when developing free software 

Have you ever been in a discussion thread on Mastodon where you don't want to take part any more, but people keep mentioning you?

There's a really easy way to opt out of one particular discussion:

1. Click on "..." in one of the thread's posts that mentions you

2. Select "Mute conversation"

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

I've written a guide on how to setup a @nextcloud server. This has been a lot of work, as I've tried to be as verbose as possible.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Sorry to all screen-reader users, I forgot to fill the image description.

It's a screenshot of:

Did you know, that I pushed CodiMD 1.4.0 last night? Still noticing the lack of sleep. But it seems to be a good release and not merging some of the PRs and instead moving them to 1.4.1 was the right decision.

Enjoy it :)

Oh, and don't forget to follow @CodiMD and visiting

#CodiMD 1.4.0 was just released πŸŽ‰

A host of bug fixes and improvements come along with this release. Some of them include using #Libravatar instead of #Gravatar, moving the upload button to a more intuitive location, and fixing some spacing issues that was hiding text in the Edit and View modes.

If you're an admin check the upgrade documentation for your installation method to get the latest release!

Modern credential management – security tokens, password managers, and a simple spreadsheet:

– there are no "secure" or "insecure" credentials as long as you don't define your own threat model
– use password managers to actually manage (not only store) passwords
– use a spreadsheet to keep track of the rest (SSH keys, GPG keys)

#credentials #password #management #infosec #security #cybersecurity #2fa #u2f #webauthn

A new study of millions of ads shows that online publishers get just a 4% revenue bump from behavior-based ads that track users compared to context-based ads.

Just came across this awesome website on #Markdown . What's more he has created a book which is released under :creativecommons:. Source-code for his website is here

I love it when people share their knowledge without locking it behind a paywall.

Here's to DRM free content 🍾 🍷

3 non-coding ways to contribute to CodiMD:

1. Join the forum, tell us your opinion, help organizing the community:

2. Help us translating, make sure CodiMD is available in your language:

3. Spread the word! Share CodiMD and your CodiMD stories with your friends and followers. Let them try CodiMD on or your own CodiMD instance πŸ™‚

#CodiMD #freeSoftware #notAProgrammer

I'm really happy to see freeCodeCamp switching away from Medium to Ghost:

I was running before I switched back to static websites. For people who prefer a lightweight blogging platform with a nice web interface, I highly recommend it.

You might also consider switching, given you have a medium blog:

There are many community projects out there but not all of them are equally big and equally democratic.

The Fedora project is quite big and organizes hundreds of contributions and contributor in a democratic way with various groups and places where you as well as any other community member can be elected:

Feel free to join us and participate. You don't need to be a developer, a translator, an innovator, a supporter, …

Make your voice heard!

By the way, there was an update for Riot yesterday.

When you use Gnome Software and have automatic updates for flatpaks activated, it's very likely you have it already installed.

Otherwise, go for it :)

For CLI users: `flatpak update` will do the job.

So Gab has decided that their own code that they spent $5M of investor money developing is so unsalvageably bad that they're going to use Mastodon's code instead, with the added bonus of leeching off of our apps (with Gab apps being banned from app stores)

This is an early warning to fellow admins to be vigilant and domain-block them on sight, when/if they appear (unconfirmed whether they intend to federate), and to app devs to consider if blocking Gab's domains from their app is necessary.

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