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I'm an intuitive and turbulent type, but also an architect. Being it social behavior - personal or structural, morals or software systems. I've a broken humor. I like logic and mind games. I like to play with words and I like riddles. I couldn't live without music or art. I love board games and writing. I get really mad at people, when they discriminate and deny that. I favor de-growth, minimalism, sustainability and reason. Above all, feelings and beings trump logical arguments.


So is about to enable DoH by default for all US users:

I'm really happy with the idea behind DoH and the fact that we get properly secured client DNS but at the same time I consider it a problem when this is all done through one Vendor. DNS is one of the few systems that are still distributed right now for both, client resolvers and backend.

Maybe Mozilla just has to make sure that there are more vendors ready to work with before rolling out defaults?

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So I just got through watching my talk at SouthEast LinuxFest. In the moment, I though I did absolutely terribly but, after the fact, it's not actually that bad.

Building Your Own Cloud
The video starts about halfway through my presentation but it goes over buying a domain name, choosing a VPS provider, some considerations to keep in mind, and a bit about setting a server up with CodiMD. The demo kind of falls apart but I improvised!

Slides are linked below and press s to see my speaker notes with the first one.

@caltlgin posted a link earlier and I've gotten a few emails and messages from people saying how well I did so I thought I would just share it myself :blobwink:

#NixNet #Hosting #SysAdmin #SELF #SELF2019 #SouthEastLinuxFest

Sorry for the edit and repost. Somehow, in copying the URL, I removed the last U

Sheogorath boosted # Regex based crossword puzzle. It's good fun practice and keeps you sharp. Plus you can tell your boss it's professional development time. But seriously, try to get some real work done today too. Thanks @scott_orr


If you need to share a secret with me or just want to complain about an article or something else I said, here you go:

Get your message encrypted and ready in your email client to hit me, with 2 clicks!

Or copy the ciphertext and send it to me by any other messenger, it's up to you.

As always for the source code, here you go:

If you enjoy regex like I do, you also enjoy Regexcrosswords.

This is the one I currently bend my head around:

Love it :D

After @blacklight447 asked about my opinion on , I looked at their docs once more.

I remembered that they didn't convince me last time, I saw them, but I took the time now to write down a short analysis of what I figured out from their docs about the security status of this "Hardware password manager".

I really hope they proof me wrong, otherwise, it's a dumpster fire.

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What is browser fingerprinting? How is it used? What is Tor Browser doing against it? Find out in this guest post by Pierre Laperdrix

"Any script running in your browser can silently build a fingerprint of your device without you even knowing about it."

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Wow, this guy is my new hero.

He made his formerly barren home in the Arizona desert bloom with life, and drastically reduced his resource consumption, through careful shepherding of rainwater and re-use of wastewater, native plants, passive heating/cooling and outside-the-box use of recycled materials.

His house is a wonderland of scavenged parts and jury-rigged gizmos and I love it.

It's more about water than sun power but still strikes me as extremely #solarpunk

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If you wonder why people love to use the CLI on Linux one of the main reasons is piping commands.

The magazine just published an article teaching the basics. Maybe you'll enjoy it, give it a try :)

The Fedora Magazine published an awesome article about and it's abilities.

It's an easy to use and cross-platform, offline password manager.

Check it yourself :)

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#GMail is harmful to e-mail ecosystem; its antispam blocking policy matches too many valid messages as spam.

It blocked LastPass email leak warning email, because it contained "a link" to a leaked site.

It blocked an e-mail from goverment agency addressed directly to me.

It discriminates all non-gmail servers, and it's pretty much impossible to own a private SMTP server these days, because GMail will classify everything as spam.

It's not how e-mail should work.

Consider dropping GMail.

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Der gr繹te Blutspendedienst in Bayern hat massenhaft Gesundheitsdaten an Facebook gesendet. Angaben zu HIV, Schwangerschaft, Drogenkonsum oder Diabetes k繹nnten dort nun profilbezogen gespeichert sein. F羹r die SZ hab ich die Datenpanne aufgedeckt.
(Weitere Details im Thread)

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@sheogorath often, figuring out how to reliably reproduce an issue and sharing that is a huge help! On projects with good test infrastructure you might even be able to provide a failing testcase which is basically maintainer heaven.

When you want to contribute to a free software project it's often enough to just have a look at issues and support questions. Try to reproduce the issue and offer help. When you run the software yourself anyway, it's a good training to learn your way around it and fixing and optimizing your own setup will become easier.

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If you or your company rely on curl, consider a support contract. While I enjoy spending my spare time on this, actually getting food on the table is a cool concept!

The good thing when using external services is: You don't have to fix them, when they are broken.
The bad thing when external services is: You can't fix them, when they are broken.

When something is critical for your operation, you might want to consider have it under your control, because just sitting around waiting for something to be fixed is a very annoying thing.

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