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I just checked my monitoring for DNS that I setup at the beginning of the month after reading this article shared by @jpmens:

What all 3 visible domains have a TTL of 1 day. This are 700000 requests within 18 days. I don't want to know what this would look like with the TTLs I used before (1 hour to 2 minutes)

I wonder how much bandwidth we waste with low TTLs, because this is already a massive number.

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@aral made such an important speech at the EU commission, packing a lot of stuff.

I cannot stop laughing at this reference, though. 🤣

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Amnesty International: Facebook and Google’s pervasive surveillance poses an unprecedented danger to human rights.

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What is the preferred init system?

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The real problem of #cryptocurrency is IMHO that it is extremely difficult to actually use them for what they call themselves. As currency. As a medium of exchange. To pay for everyday stuff. To be accepted that way. Where’s the venmo for #bitcoin, #nano, #lumens?

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There are some very nice designs for an icon for

We'd love to see more feedback there so we can get one of them approved as the official forum icon.

I'm under the impression that background jobs die on my OnePlus One with and it doesn't seem to get fixed by the past 5-10 updates.

Slowly getting annoyed maybe I should look for an email address/issue tracker to complain.

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@aral did an amazing speech today in the european parliament on "the future of internet regulation". It was a full attack on how the EU is currently supporting big tech platforms.

Sometimes I check my blog if there is something new. At the same time I should know better, since I'm the only author and there are no comments ^^


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After trying a couple of different #mastodon #ios apps I finally paid a couple of bucks for Toot!

Definitely the best Mastodon UX you can get on iOS!

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Anyone knows about an informative article about @pixelfed I could share with my friends and circles?

#fediverse #pixelfed

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How one Hep-A infected person in UK can infect hundreds of people across EU? This is really fascinating piece of scientific research #hepatitis #vaccines

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Remember, privacy doesn't exist without security! Keep your server updated and follow our announcement channels. If you run NGINX, did you already update the configuration and PHP packages on your server? You should!

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@sheogorath It's recommended by people who work there because it's the most complete thing out there and it's been relatively widely tested. They don't have the bandwidth to audit it, they don't contribute to it. I did audit it, found several problems. They were partially fixed, but I personally still wouldn't recommending running the playbook, unless you review it yourself and are happy with what the playbook is doing. Previous versions did things like turning of SELinux for example.

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Irgendwelche RepairCafé Menschen hier, die uns ein paar ihrer Stories zum Thema Fairphone teilen wollen?

Ich bin neugierig :mastoinnocent:

#repaircafe #fairphone

In order to secure your from the attack, you should keep all writable data on a volume that is mounted with `noexec`. Of course you should also make sure you have your setup up-to-date and check the current security best-practices for nextcloud.

Finally you should also make sure you have very regular backups of your data, don't consider synchronized data as backup.

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Something to keep an eye on.

New NextCry Ransomware Encrypts Data on NextCloud Linux Servers

"A representative from Nextcloud told BleepingComputer that they are currently investigating the incidents and will provide more information as it becomes available."

My evil masterplan: Make everyone using Mastodon or the broader Fediverse in general.

Progress so far: 4 done, ~7 billion to go.

Join me :blobfoxfloofdevil: and the world will be everyones'!

I really hat pages with wrong claims.

Please note: This is exactly how the page opened in my browser with the "Do-Not-Track"-Header enabled. I didn't change any setting.

I consider starting a domain blacklist with bad privacy settings and potentially illegal privacy defaults.

I get really annoyed by this stuff.

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