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Ich habe nicht nur meinen liebsten, sondern auch noch meinen nächsten ein kleines Geschenk vorbereitet.

Darmstadt wird social über

Also liebe Darmstädter! Als mein Weihnachtsgeschänk lade ich euch ein die Instanz zu wechseln ;) Wenn ihr zwischen all dem Feiertagstrubel also ein paar Minuten Zeit habt, könnt ihr vorbei schauen.

Hier erfahrt ihr mehr über die neue Instanz:

Zeitnah werde ich meinen Account umziehen auf @w4tsn

#darmstadt #mastodon

Why #dnssec is so unpopular among large orgs? As someone who works for large orgs I have seen a number of excuses, none of them really valid.

First, large orgs are traditionally risk averse and since they routinely screw up on simple "mandatory" things like TLS cert renewals so any mention of "DNS outage due to expired key" makes them freak out and reject any proposals of "optional" controls that could go wrong.

"My Business Card Runs Linux • &> /dev/null"

I think I've honestly not seen something as cool as this before in the past months. I'm literally amazed.

Sure, computers may beat me at chess, but they suck at kick-boxing.

Liebe Teenies, der Weihnachtsmann hat eure Profile auf Instagram gesehen.
Dieses Jahr bekommt ihr etwas zum Anziehen und einen Duden.

"A distinction must be made between advertising and "adtech" - digital analysis and advertising software. Traditional advertising was about building a brand. It used to be like this: if you read a newspaper, the newspaper didn't read you either. If you watched TV, the TV didn't see you either. The Internet has changed that. If you watch a video on Youtube today, Youtube will be watching you. Surveillance is at the heart of the business model. I call it "people farming"." - @aral

The last #Windows stronghold in our family conquered. After so many #Windows10 update breakages my wife gave up and asked me to install #Fedora on her laptop. Done with pleasure. 😀

@wallabag is there no way to disable 2FA? Because after enabling 2FA the android app keeps crashing a reset of the data revealed: It can't handle 2FA. The main reason for me to use wallabag is reading things offline on my phone…

This is kind of a broken security feature…

Any suggestions?

I feel like my post explaining reasons not to use #Facebook is going to get pretty long. I feel like I'm adding reasons to it every week.

I just added reason number 12.

So the European Central Bank has published a white paper about a crypto currency.

But this currency seems to be an own development, requires intermediate banks to be involved in all transactions and puts those banks in charge of remove your data from smaller transactions to make them anonymous.

Let me put it this way: this is broken by design. And that while we already have solutions for those problems implemented in GNU Taler.

It's just sad…

The Mastodon documentation has been rewritten by @trwnh. It now has a search function and a different design as it's now hosted on GitBooks. Take a look!

If after looking you think a topic worth writing about is missing, tell me what it is!

"This server brings #Darmstadt and its suburbs together. Use local Hashtags like # freeyourstuff to communicate with people in your area and connect with those you can easily meet for coffee in real life".

(from - as of now)

Excellent themed server description. I'd definitely join to meet for coffee IRL ☕

Welcome, @w4tsn !


Just had to hear someone saying: "…your phone is sending GPS signals out"

If you aren't aware of this, when you locate a device via GPS you **receive** signals, you don't send them.

You have to receive least 4 satellites to locate yourself, and this is done by calculating your position on your device through the ultra-exact timestamps those GPS satellites send out continuously.

If you want to learn a bit more:

The real horror of building your own website is that, eventually, you're going to have nothing left to fiddle with, and you'll have to actually start writing stuff.

@squire @eff I can answer this! One of the early legal battles online was whether links deep into a website (rather than the home page) were permissable -- Ticketmaster sued other companies (including Microsoft) for using URLs that pointed to particular pages! EFF helped push back against that, back in the day:

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