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Wow… Gitlab is jumping from one scandal to the next and all of them would be avoidable.

What's wrong with this company these days?

So I just installed the #Mast app on iOS. I bought it a while back, but I don’t really use it.

I installed it only to find that to do pretty much anything, you need to pay MORE for “Mast Pro”. I went to the contact page to see if that’s accurate, given I’ve already paid for the app, only to find that the only contact methods listed are Twitter and Email.


Already removed that garbage from my device.

Rechtsanwalt fragen, ob ich ihm Unterlagen verschlüsselt übermitteln kann.
Sein unverständiges Starren in die Leere war durchs Telefon deutlich zu hören.

Show HN: Building an open-source language-learning platform -

They try to censor about Dr. Li Wenliang in China, but let me tell you cloud and clear: Li Wenliang will never be forgotten. No one can erase history. His tragedy rings an alarm and his bravery shows everyone of us the value of freedom of speech. It’s worth fighting for.

@glsbank Es wäre unglaublich angenehm, wenn ihr eure E-Mails auch in einer Plaintext-Variante bereitstellen würdet. Würde den Lesekomfort deutlich verbessern 👌🏻

"Why does a device that is essentially a mouse need a privacy policy?"

A blogger found out that his wacom tablet tracked every applications he opens. He also discovered a sort of kill switch, which can stop collection of this data immediately.

Track&Graph is a quite interesting, privacy focused app for people who want to optimize or track themselves.

Lots of companies with data trackers tell you, that they need sync stuff to the cloud to do analysis of it, but for most people this should be enough, as they want to keep track of things themselves, not for others.

Friendly reminder that we use A LOT of pretty cool open-source/free software projects and tools for Funkwhale (both the app itself and our collective).

If you cannot support us directly, supporting these projects is a good way to help us on the long run!

Wacom drawing tablets track the name of every application that you open

> The first is a principled fuck you. I don’t care whether anything materially bad will or won’t happen as a consequence of Wacom taking this data from me. I simply resent the fact that they’re doing it.

> The second is that we can also come up with scenarios that involve real harms. Maybe the very existence of a program is secret or sensitive information. ...

Too Good to Go:"Rette leckeres Essen und bekämpfe die Verschwendung".

Leider gelingt es Unternehmen auch im Jahre 2020 nicht, Webseiten und Apps zu erstellen, die nicht sofort Daten an Google, Facebook und Co. senden, obwohl keine Einwilligung vorliegt.

Selbst gute Ideen kann man so ganz schnell kaputt machen. :-/

I finally got the time to finish the most basic things I wanted in Read It Later, my @wallabag client and released it today!
You can read a bit about it here

Chrome will block video ads that “people find to be particularly disruptive". Conveniently enough, YouTube ads are not so disruptive, so they most probably won't be touched.

"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others"

Use Firefox

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