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‘We live in a world where a tree is worth more dead than alive, in a world where a whale is worth more dead than alive. For so long as the economy works in that way and corporations go unregulated, they’re going to continue to destroy trees, to kill whales, to mine the earth, and continue to pull oil out of the ground even though we know it is destroying the planet and we know that it’s going to leave a worse world for future generations. This is short-term thinking based on this religion of “profit at all costs”, as if somehow, magically, each corporation acting in its selfish interest is going to produce the best result.

This has been affecting the environment for a long time. What’s frightening, and what, hopefully, is the last straw that will make us wake up as a civilization to how flawed this theory has been in the first place, is to see that now we are the tree. We are the whale. Our attention can be mined. We are more profitable to a corporation if we’re spending time staring at a screen, staring at an ad, than if we’re spending that time living our life in a rich way.

We’re seeing the results of that today. We’re seeing corporations using powerful artificial intelligence to outsmart us and figure out how to pull our attention toward the things they want us to look at rather than the things that are most consistent with our goals and our values and our lives.

The attention extraction model is not how we want to treat human beings. The fabric of a healthy society depends on us getting off of this corrosive business model. We can demand that these products be designed humanely. We can demand to not be treated as an extractable resource.

The fundamental way that this stuff is designed isn’t going in a good direction. Any of it. It sounds crazy to say that we need to change all that but … that’s what we need to do. We have to.’

— Various speakers, The Social Dilemma (2020)

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When you meet smart people you always want to be a bit cautious so they don't trick you into something you never wanted.

With smart devices it's the same. So ask yourself whether you always want to cautious about a "smart device" that you buy.

For my part, I'm reasonably sure that I don't want to have to consider the fridge a threat. Therefore, a stupid fridge is fine for me.

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Sieht so aus, als hätte Lukaschenko gerade einen regulären, innereuropäischen Passgierflug mit einen kritischen Journalisten zur Landung in Minsk gezwungen:

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Controversial opinion, IRC 

Switching to a new IRC network in 2021 is a mistake. It doesn't live up to modern standards. It fails at complete basics.

IRC has failed to integrate account systems into the standardised protocol in the past 20 years.

IRC has not managed to move past 512 bytes per command.

IRC has not managed it to solve netsplit situations gracefully.

And yes, there is SASL, there is IRCv3, there are services. But these are all workarounds, and some aren't even adopted widely.

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The @gnome community faced some IRC spam yesterday which impacted the @matrix side of our community as well.

It would be easy to just say "IRC bad!" and call it a day. Reality is a bit more complex.

Here's my view about what happened, where we failed and how we can try to make IRC spam less of a problem all while keeping a premium experience on Matrix.

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Recherchen des #BR basierend auf #DSGVO-Anfragen zeigen, dass #Lieferando Fahrer_innen umfangreich überwacht.

Über unsere Seite können Betroffene einfach selbst die zu ihnen gespeicherten Trackingdaten anfragen.

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Verlasst euren Stall...

und Besucht uns heute Freitag 21. bei #openTopio an der Vitrine vor dem Rathaus Tiergarten in Berlin #Moabit von 15-20 Uhr.

#FlashYourPhone #fairappsmarket #topio

After a little bit of playing around with it, I feel comfortable to say that fluffychat is a good Matrix client for end users.

Chatting between friends and family as well as participating in larger rooms, seems to work wonderful. For advanced room management element still seems better.

Rather questionable is the "video call feature", which is actually just a jitsi link generator. But hey, I'm sure that will be sorted out soon!

All in all, a good client for newcomers!

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I posted a wall of text to give my views about the future of instant messaging in the GNOME community.

IRC has served us very well for many years, but I think it's time to let it go and move together towards a more modern platform.

That doesn't mean ditching IRC just like that would be a success. We need our community members to want to move together in the same direction.

A new platform is a target, but without transition plan we're doomed to fail again.

The amount of back and forth about cookie banners is crazy. It would take on sentence in the law to make it all go away and invert the motivation to use one: Make DNT, Do-Not-Track, an existing web browser standard, legally binding.

This would make sure, that as cookie banners become as little annoying as possible, because otherwise one just sets DNT and the page owner wouldn't be allowed to show a cookie banners in first place, so no way to select victims.

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Bruce Schneier coined "feudal security" to describe the dominant Big Tech security model, in which you surrender your autonomy by moving into a warlord's fortress (Google, Apple, Facebook, etc) and in return get protection from the bandits that roam the badlands without.

The historian Stephen Morillo pointed out that this is more like "manorialism" than "feudalism."


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"Die Menschen könnten bei einem Missbrauch ihr Gesicht aber nicht wechseln. Es sei nicht erkennbar, wieso die Bürger diesem Risiko ausgesetzt werden sollten."
Wahre Worte von @Rainer_Rehak vom Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden & Verantwortung zu den Plänen für zentrale #Passfoto-Datenbanken!

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Bitte denkt daran: Ende Mai schließt Alle Daten werden gelöscht werden.

Zieht eure Accounts rechtzeitig um!

Lol, cloudflare complains about humans wasting time on captchas.

They are literally the number one source of unneeded capchas world wide…

Fedora implements a new counting mechanism for ostree-based systems. If you want to opt-out from being counted a Fedora user, the article announcing the counting, is telling you:

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Vorsicht vor der beliebten #Apotheken-App SHOP APOTHEKE: Im Test gab sie das gesuchte Medikament zusammen mit dem vollen Nutzernamen bzw. eindeutigen Gerätekennungen an #Facebook und die #Marketing|firma #Leanplum. @ulrichkelber @digitalcourage

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