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A Defunct Video Hosting Site Is Flooding Normal Websites With Hardcore Porn
Stories on major news sites like ‘The Washington Post,’ and ‘New York Magazine’ currently have porn embedded in them.

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I'm really happy to share that I've transfered the #ForkAwesome project to a group of very passionate individuals. Thanks to their patience and motivation, there is a future for set of #Icons that grew so important for a lot of people in the #floss community. Special thanks to @douginamug who made this transition process so smooth and for driving the community. Follow the project at @forkawesome and on

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Was wir fordern:

1. Ausnahmslose Abgabe auf den Austoß von CO2
2. Konsequente Abgabe auf Spritz- & Düngemittel
3. Kapital besteuern & Arbeitseinkommen entlasten
4. Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen für alle

Die Politik muss handeln. JETZT‼ #ShareDichDrum

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In den vergangenen Tagen ist das #THW durch das #Hochwasser stark in den Medien gewesen. Ich bin seit 25 Jahren Mitglied im THW und habe es kein bischen bereut. Es kostet keinen Mitgliedsbeitrag, der Arbeitsschutz steht hoch im Kurs, man muss etwa 10, 15 oder 20 Stunden im Monat investieren. Wenn ein wenig Ruhe eingekehrt ist, informiert euch doch in einem Ortsverband in eurer Nähe. #JederKannHelfen



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RT @THWLeitung
Wir raten dringend davon ab, einfach in die Katastrophengebiete zu reisen. Das würde die koordinierten Hilfsmaßnahmen gefährden.
Ihr wollt helfen? Im #THW mitwirken, sich ausbilden lassen und für Einsätze vorbereitet sein.

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Oh meine Güte....
Vor 40!! Jahren wurde das in der tagesschau gesendet!
Das ist fast so lange her wie ich alt bin.
Ich fasse es einfach grade nicht.
Warum? Warum sind wir jetzt an so einem Punkt, an dem wir nicht mehr vor oder zurück können? Und uns genau das bevorsteht, was vorausgesagt wurde.
Ich bin jeden Tag aufs neue schocked... 😥😥😟😟

#climatecrisis #40Years #tvnews #Science

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If one would develop a tool for #mastoadmin that makes executing the following tasks easier:
1. Review New Users and remove Spam accounts
2. Review and process Reports

What form should be?

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Do you want to work full time redecentralizing the internet and FIX EVERYTHING?

The Internet Archive is hiring! #dweb

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Does your project already have a descriptive README?

From time to time we happen to encounter projects that don't even share the most basic information of what they are supposed to be, or if they do, not in a way that everyone can understand.

Do you feel busted? 😉 Go ahead and add some lines during our #Docuthon!

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Kinda seems like poking a sleeping bear considering how litigious these trolls have been already, but the claims made by these people are just flat out stupid. I supported #Mycroft by buying one of their books. Here's hoping it's put to good use.

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"Google’s unfair performance advantage in Chrome"

tl;dr: Android Chrome starts a connection to before you visit it, giving Google Search a performance bump in their browser. This blog post argues that's unfair (which I agree with), despite the developer's likely good intentions.

#Google #monopoly #competition

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Finally published my 2 weeks old article on F-droid with IPFS. Took a while to get back to it and do the editorial part of revisiting the article and proofreading it.

The idea is quite simple: Take the @fdroidorg CLI, set up a repository, throw in a little bit of HTML in order to make it look nice and publish all of this through , so one can access it through the various IPFS gateways.

Main benefit: Mirroring is completely transparent.

Hobby photographers and FOSS enthusiasts, please get together and work on some nice CC0 photos for platforms like unsplash. Why? Because it can make a real difference for press, blogs and more. Help to show the beautiful side of free software and free software desktops to the world 😉

There are way too many pictures for proprietary apps and devices around.


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