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Well, for those running Mastodon through SSO, I guess I solved a 8 months old riddle tonight:

Now someone needs to write a patch. And that's where you might come in, because I look at ruby and feel like a dog with no clue what I'm doing there.

Thanks for helping out!

Uhm, @Fairphone is there any information about how to do firmware upgrades on the "Truely wireless earbuds"?

Just wondering because I couldn't find any and I consider the idea of having not-updated Bluetooth connected devices a bit uncomfortable especially with last years vulnerabilities:

(Yes, yes, not all apply to this kind of product, but there might be one tomorrow that does)

The goal is simple: "We do something."

Being able to state this, helps to keep all those in check who were good citizens, got their vaccine, helped to fight this whole thing and are disappointed of their fellow citizens who act counterproductively.

So this policy is not for those who refuse to get vaccinated, but to appease those who got vaccinated.

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Making vaccines mandatory is a bad idea. Obviously it's probably one of the most intrusive acts ever. What can be more intrusive than being required to get a needle in your arm, even against your will?

And second, who do you try to motivate with this? People who are afraid of the vaccine, will rush to doctors to get an exemption or fuel a black market for avoidance strategies. Those who oppose this for political reasons will consider it proof for their nightmares.

So what's the goal?

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I just heard that "countries that did not recieve a vaccine against the spanish flu recovered much better than the countries that did"

lol, just one big problem - there was no vaccine against the spanish flu.

Oh, talking about this, they just announced year number 7 of support with a port to Android 10.

If you buy your next phone, get a . That's long living hardware!

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Our 6-yr-old Fairphone 2 is being upgraded to Android 10. That’s 7 years of software support! An industry first for an Android device! 🙌 Together with the open source community we built the operating system. Proving it is possible to put sustainability at the heart of tech. 🌿

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Today I learned that there’s a utility called ddcutil for Linux (sudo apt install ddcutil) that you can use to set the brightness of external monitors.

e.g., on my machine, to set the external monitor to 30% brightness:

sudo ddcutil setvcp 10 30

(Should make a good feature alongside Night Light in elementary OS.)

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Das neue #TTDSG kann mehr als "Cookie-Banner".

Über das neue Gesetz rund um Datenschutz bei Telekommunikation und Telemedien (was bitte? 👀) hat der Rechtsbelehrung Podcast mit dem Besten gesprochen, was Tele-Twitter zu bieten hat: Reinhören 👇👌🎧

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This present moment used to be the unimaginable future. — Stewart Brand

By the way, before someone gets upset, I'm not saying votes are useless, but unless they are backed by the will to implement the change they are asking for, they are usually not worth the hassle or debate.

If you get the people together to change something, votes might be an option, but usually they are then just there to cement an existing will and not really expressing some will.

From devs, they are often helpful to get some picture about what people want, but don't read too much into it.

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It always amazes me when people want to vote about something in a free software project and somehow imagine, that suddenly developers would follow that direction just because there is a majority of users voting for something.

Thing is: Most projects have few people who implements stuff, and as people in the kitchen will tell you: You get to eat what the cook likes, or you'll have to cook by yourself.

So everyone who insists on this, please pack your stuff and play democracy somewhere else.

Thought: NFTs are the Nestlé of the internet. They take a free and plentiful available resource and make it expensive and hard to come by, just because they can.

For all who are holding "But Apple supports iPhones for 5 years" up, I want to remind you, that Fairphone release a new Android version for the almost 6 year old Fairphone 2 just 2 weeks ago.

Yes, it's android 9, but that's fine, that's supported. (it was also just ported to Android 9 just in April. And if it falls out of official support, there can still be custom ROMs.)

Oh and obviously you can still buy replacement parts directly.

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My favorite takeaways from an amazing Ask HN thread where technical founders shared the most important things they have learned from building a business:

#startup #tech #business #marketing #ideas #indiedev

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23:00 "heute geh' ich mal früh ins Bett"
00:30 "shit, ich gründe 'n Verein"

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