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"Eine Kuh hat in Sachsen eine Autobahn eine Stunde lang blockiert und 40 Menschen waren nötig, um sie einzufangen. Es gibt elf Millionen Rinder in Deutschland – wenn ihnen ihre Überlegenheit bewusst wird, weht hier ein anderer Wind."
(Peter Breuer)

@she_drives_mobility :mastogrin:

Stop implementing local account systems. Implement SSO protocols and leave authentication to those specialized for it.

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With the nice hint, that audiobooks you buy there, seem to be DRM-free ❤️

I just tested it, and bought "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" as audiobook, download it, own it.

It sounds strange but it's nice when you own the stuff you bought. 👍

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Oh, this one sounds interesting:

Not an audio bookworm, but an audible alternative sounds interesting. Maybe it's useful for other people.


Well, this was fun:

"What is "a healthy number" of maintainers?"

The disconnect between what people "feel would be right" and what reality delivers :)

There is even a podcast episode about it:

Can recommend :)

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Isch fänds ja subber wenn de Dadeschutzbeufftrachte vom hessischen Ländle och tröde tät. Uff hessisch

Stelle se sich des ma voar

"Watt tun wenn de Dade vom Hacker geklot worde sinn un in einschlägische Foren ufftauche? Finne sies raus im Dade-Hygiene-Wörkshop"

Datt wär n ding sach isch eusch

Privacy, battle rhetoric 

Mhm, with GDPR we won an important battle regarding privacy in Europe, but the overall war on privacy seems to be lost more and more these days. The current plans towards mass surveillance by the European Union is just the tip. The reform of E-commerce was successfully avoided. Exchange of biometric data is moving forward, Europol's data hoard that was supposed to be deleted was legalised after the fact. No big fines for big tech after 3 years.

This is not good.

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@sheogorath "Gee-object", like "Gee-lib", but unlike GNOME, which is pronounced "Guh-nome"

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Fedora Social Hour in about half an hour! Join us in the chatroom on Matrix and we'll launch a video call. See for details!

Well, it's nice that you bought this CPU for 400€, but how about you pay us a monthly subscription of say eh 20€ to use it to its full potential?

Yes, Intel just decided they want to be able to paywall CPU features :)

And I figured out why, turns out, someone thought it was a good idea, to have different DNS lookup behaviour through out the same codebase, based on configuration settings.

At least it's solved now. Thanks to mailinglists, that have a search function.

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Flathub, rambling about some unproductive debates 

Flathub might be called a distribution, but not a Linux distribution because it doesn't distribute Linux. Just stuff that runs on Linux.

TIL: postfix lmtp only takes FQDNs. While smtpd has no problem with handling hostnames that are extended by ndots and search domains. 😐

Still not sure how I find that.

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Mhm, it all started with "I would need to reconfigure my postfix" and ended up with me building images for dovecot and postfix and currently writing a helm chart for all of it 👀

Things always escalate so quickly.

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Are you going to be in the Nürnberg area on June 3rd or 4th? Then be sure to join the #fedora_hatch meetup at the @opensuse conference, 14:30 on both days! ( and Come and meet @Conan_Kudo, myself and other @fedora members!

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Der Entwurf der Verordnung gegen Kindesmissbrauch im Netz (#Chatkontrolle) hat eventuell ein weit größeres Ausmaß, als bis jetzt angenommen wurde. Die vorgesehene neue EU-Behörde in Den Haag mit etwa 100 Mitarbeitern namens „EU Centre“ soll ein neues Datennetz mit Knoten in allen Mitgliedsstaaten aufbauen und betreiben.

Dieser Prozess sei bereits angelaufen, denn die Kommission hat einen Fonds zum Netzaufbau in den Mitgliedsstaaten eingerichtet, berichtet FM4 (ORF)

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