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Grüße! Bin #neuhier und schreibe vornehmlich über den #Gaming-Anteil meines Lebens

Ich zocke vorwiegend Spiele mit tiefer Geschichte und gut geschriebenen Charakteren. Außnahmen können vorkommen. Ab und an wenn es mich mal so richtig reizt, maltretiere ich mich selbst in Spielen wie Dark Souls.

Favorites: Mass Effect, Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Deponia, Divinity Original Sin, Civilization, Half Life

VR enthusiast, ausgesprochen Sportlich (in Beat Saber und Synth Riders)

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Was steckt wirklich hinter alarmistischen CSEM-Millionenzahlen, mit denen die Pläne zur flächendeckenden #Chatkontrolle gerechtfertigt werden? räumt mit Missverständnissen und Propaganda auf, sehr hilfreich!

I think DNS sums up the feelings people have towards IP protocol versions quite nicely.

IPv4: A 🤔
IPv6: AAAA 😱

Mhm, I understand where this is coming from:

Basically everything that is categorised as "Network" is considered "socialise".

Sadly the FDO specs for the categories cause more problems than helping:

So everything in the P2P, web browser or remote access field falls into the Network category causing the whole chaos.

I guess it's time to do some specs work.

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Mhm, we really have to work on software categorisation. Apps in the "socialise" category:

- Cockpit Client
- Bitcoin Core
- Gabut Download Manager
- AnyDesk
- IRPF 2022
- Kerberos Authentication Dialog
- VirusTotal Uploader

Call me strange, but I don't see how any of these are actually used to socialise. When was the last time you sat down to have a good time, doing your brasilian tax form. Or authenticate together using Kerberos. Or did a bunch of Bitcoin transactions. 🙈

So for a first perspective: The average power usage is 31-32 watts with 39 peaks when actually busy.

Looking at power saving options, TrueNAS is sadly quite limited as it seems. I guess I'll have to look either more low-level on the Debian below to achieve that.

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Hot take, that might not actually be a hot take 

This argument can be solidified by looking into what people count as "tech people" and what knowledge one can assume based on users with this label. Is a very good web developer a tech person, even though, they might don't manage to print on their printer at home? Is a 1st level support worker a "tech person"?

When it comes to beginner, intermediate and expert, you can clearly define what knowledge you expect these users to have set up UX for them.

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Hot take, that might not actually be a hot take 

There are no tech and non-tech people, there are only people. "Tech people" and "non-tech people" is often used to discuss the ability to understand computers and programs running on them from a implication or UX perspective. The separation into the "tech vs non-tech" people is useless and should be replaced with either an expression of familiarity with the system's concepts or to be more straight forward: Beginner, intermediate and expert users.

And here we go :)

It's a very compact NAS system, running TrueNAS and rocking some nice specs:

Intel Celeron N5095 @ 2.0 GHz (4 cores)
2x 8GB 2666MHz non-ECC RAM from crucial
2x 240GB SSDs from crucial
4x 6TB WD Red Plus HDDs
2x 2.5Gbit RJ45 ports

Power usage will be investigated next.

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Mhm, it seems people in the TrueNAS community are very vocal about not using a USB drive as boot device.

But wasting 2 of 2 NVMe for boot devices seems like a giant waste. I rather buy another USB stick for redundancy as I have no additional space for NVMes and I would rather use them for ZIL and/or L2ARC (which I still try to figure out whether I can do that on the same NVMe driver or not 👀).

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I found a DRM-free ebook store [1] and immediately bought a handful of ebooks.

I know you won't care, Big Tech stores, but... Just saying


I bought a new NAS, it's not even 24 hours delivered and it already has experienced a RAM upgrade, new NVMe drives and is about to get a new OS before even being bootet for the first time :)

It starts to become a pattern 👀

Similar thing happened to the last 3 machines I bought, my router and my phone.

Not sure it's a good things.

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“A protest planned by hundreds of bank depositors in central China seeking access to their frozen funds has been thwarted because the authorities have turned their health code apps red, several depositors told Reuters.”

Isn’t “smart tech” just wonderful? :)

#tech #dystopia #surveillance

Via @didek

Mhm, recently I get more spam mails telling me to "monetise my open source skills" to my GitHub email address 👀

Anything going on I should know about?

I love myself a good low-power-high-performance build. To me it's way more impressive to squeeze as much productivity as possible out of 10 watts in a 1 litre form factor than it is to be another time impressed about how crisp a game can look like when the graphics card can draw over 400 watts on its own, barely fitting in mid-size tower.

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Me in last December: 45ct per KW/H will be a future proof calculation.
Me today: Well, I didn't expect that future to be so soon!

Control Game (potential spoilers) 

I wonder if Control 2 will talk about how the FBC had to replace more than 1000 employees and how no one noticed that so many people died or went missing.

Also: Given that the Oldest House reveals itself to those who know to seek for it, how many partners of employees who got told, despite all classification, will show up there?

All supernatural can be told away with "Magic", but these are real Office business problems. 👀 As I just read your post regarding accessible in Linux I saw your profile picture and I wondered: How do you, as a blind person, select a profile picture? What is important for you in a profile picture?

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