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🙈 11 MB of JS with a unique URL. And then ubiquity decides to put `cache-control: max-age=0` in the headers.

Really helps over VPN. Really helps.

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We're making good progress in our investigations to shift all of Matrix to use connect for authentication! Head over to to see how we're doing and read the blog post at 😱🎉🚀

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Bei aller berechtigen und notwendigen Kritik sei kurz erwähnt: sucht man auf Google nach "Kleptokratie" erscheint ein Bild von Christian Lindner.
Das macht nicht alles vergeben und vergessen aber es ruft gewisse Sympathien hervor.

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@lgehr @sheogorath he has found a great home already, sorry! It was a Gen1 Xiaomi Roborock and ran Valetudo. Maybe the hardware compatibility list of Valetudo would be a good place to start looking for a device?

Just in case this wasn't clear, I would flash the custom firmware myself, I want to collect some opinions, given that a lot of the stuff I found in my quick research seems to be half a decade old and mostly based on a 34c3 talk.

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Currently considering to buy a vacuum robot, but would want some custom firmware on it .-.

Any recommendations? I'm also interested in breakage stories retarding custom firmware and alike

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mhm, I wonder how this is plays out legally, when you have to accept terms of service in an app, but (probably due to a bug) when clicking on "show terms of service" you only get a white page.

You can't really accept terms you are unable to read, and the terms shown are obviously not there, so is that the best deal ever or the worst, since you might still be liable to their terms? idk.

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Find a website that does not work in one browser, but works in another?

So a periodical reminder that such bugs can be reported via the #webcompat project:

This often e.g. applies to sites, which are said to be incompatible in #Firefox or so, even though they work fine if you spoof your user agent.

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With upcoming natural gas shortages this winter, now is a great time to recommend people you know to get hot-water bottles! ♨️

They transfer heat into the body _way_ more efficiently than room heating: although they can't totally replace it, they can reduce overall heating costs by ~⅓ ⬇️

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Die wichtige Arbeit der #Sysadmin|s wird immer nur dann sichtbar, wenn die IT mal nicht perfekt läuft.
Statt Ärger bei Problemen verdienen Administratorinnen und Administratoren jeden Tag ein wenig Dankbarkeit.

Ohne sie gäbe es jeden Morgen Probleme bei der Anmeldung.

Und kein Videostreaming.

Keine E-Mails.

Kein Fediverse!

Auch die digitale Verwaltung braucht ihre Admins.

Deswegen ist heute, auch beim #BSI, „System Administrator Appreciation Day“.

#SysAdminDay #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

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Is anyone interested in the domain (kurzwelle = german for shortwave)? It expires soon and I should finally stop hoarding domains.

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Every now and then we get asked why our .ch name servers refuse queries from dig. Here is why you can't dig Switzerland:

Watched "The Princess" tonight. I don't know what to say, the fight scenes make no sense whatsoever and are completely over the top, the story is eh, it exists, I guess, and I'm completely sure that everyone involved will die 2 weeks after the end due to blood poisoning and infected wounds.

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