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Big changes are coming to #FluxCD in the next release. We've been working hard on making the #golang Git implementation compatible with Git v2 protocol. Early next year, we plan to phase out libgit2 and finally get rid of CGO from the #GitOps Toolkit controllers 🎉

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For ten milliseconds, the datetime palindrome will extend to the full 4-digit year:

2022-11-22 22:11:22.02

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"I checked it very thoroughly," said the computer, "and that quite definitely is the answer. I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never actually known what the question is."

I enjoyed this one a lot:

It's fascinating on so many levels. The tech, its age, the words people are scared of, the combination of all of this and of course the reverse engineering aspects.

Amazing :)

What is it about? A piece of American tech called "TV Guardian".

(I also just learned, they still exist and sell devices 👀)

Either way, enjoy :)

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The new #K8S cluster hardware, if you’re curious what the newest generation of the #homelab is gonna look like.

No, that’s not the final installation…

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The more I experience Mastodon and think about how corporate social media works, it's mind boggling how broken it all is

And we just went with it

It's funny how sometimes when something new comes along you realize how truly horrid the old way was

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I am searching for accounts to follow.
If you know a account (or more) that like to build or write about golang or kubernetes… pls recommend them to me :_gaysparkle:

Thank you very, very much :_gaysparkle:

#foss #opensource

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Guten Morgen ins #Fediverse.

Hier trötet ab sofort Perspective Daily.

Wir machen seit 2016 Konstruktiven Journalismus. Wir sind werbefrei und unabhängig, finanziert durch unsere Mitglieder. Und wir sind #neuhier !

#Mastodon #KonstruktiverJournalismus #Journalismus

To settle the whole "Should I change the default ssh port number?"-debate:

Use a firewall, stop wasting everyone's but your attacker's time. Thanks :)

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Mhm… just looked at Mastodon 4 in a bit more detail and I'm quite disappointed. Feels way less fluffy, playful and unique. Reminds me of Twitter and somehow GNUsocial.

Will see if I migrate to another AP software if this impression stays with me.

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The German word "verlegen" can mean:

1. to misplace, to put something somewhere and not being able to find it anymore
2. to publish something (actually putting something where EVERYONE is able to find it)
3. embarrassed
4. to reschedule
5. to relocate

So, the sentence "Der Verleger war verlegen, weil er das Manuskript, das er verlegen wollte, verlegt hatte, und darum alle Termine verlegen musste" makes perfect sense.

Enjoy our language!

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Ever wondered why VGA cables have screws to affix it to a PC?

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Das beste am Edit-Button: Ich muss Tippfehler nicht mehr korrigieren, denn alle wissen jetzt: Er *könnte* das korrigieren, wenn er *wollte*, aber er *tut* es nicht, also ist es ihm offensichtlich *egal*!

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Seeing people with coding ability commenting on features they want in Mastodon, many of them framing their insights as if there is a bug.

Almost all ideas I have seen so far could be implemented in a client or a relay. For ones that can't, there are pull requests. For ones that are declined, downstream forking is feasible.

It's #OpenSource & based on a truly open standard, #ActivityPub. How about we frame ideas positively & look for places to contribute? This is not a walled garden run by VCs.

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UPDATE: Danke fürs Teilen, auch wenn wir die Tickets nicht losgeworden sind. Beeindruckende Community!
Wir hätten für heute 13:00 Tickets (2 Erwachsene + 2 Kids) für eine Führung im #Schloss #Neuschwanstein gehabt. Leider ist unsere Tochter seit vorgestern Covid positiv und nicht gut auf den Beinen. Wir würden die #Tickets gern #VERSCHENKEN, da sie nicht umtauschbar sind und ansonsten also eine reine #Spende für die bayrischen Museen bleiben.

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