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@sheogorath I've heard a recent statistic (on the discussion of the power of brands) where Amazon is actually more expensive in 80% of cases of online purchases. This tool is useful in tracking down some bargains. Well, for books at least..

When you order books, don't order them by Amazon.

When you just want to read but don't insist on owning them, ask the local library to order them for you. University libraries have often special offers for students.

When you want to buy it for yourself, order it to a local bookstore. That makes the postman's life less stressful and protects the environment.

Also you have to go out to get it, which is healthier for you.

After reading one more time about the Electron vs Native-Apps discussion, I simply had to think back: From the number of programs an average user could/has open on their machine, I don't think there was a big change in the past 15-20 years.

But our machines went from 64-128MB of RAM to 8-16GB of middle-grade machines. Not to mention the change in the processing power… We do something wrong.

Today I learned: You can authorize your entire infrastructure using SSH CA certificates. That's awesome and I really wonder why I didn't know about that earlier ._.

If you wonder how to deploy an SSH CA, here you go:

My writeup on supporting advanced Bluetooth codecs and thus improving wireless audio quality significantly on #Linux:

BTW, this is another critical security issue successfully mitigated by the default SELinux policies. Looks like @rhatdan was right all along and the initial pain was worth it. 😉

If you're running containers, make sure you have SELinux in enforcing mode (the default in RHEL) and patch your nodes. #runcescape

"runc - Malicious container escape - CVE-2019-5736"

@e_mydata is there any way to enable Chinese input on /e/?

Would be great to be able to talk other than a hand full of languages.

Somehow I expect me to not find the right switch to turn it on, so I wonder if you can help?

It's important to learn that alternative doesn't always mean replacement.

There are tons of Google alternatives but probably no Google replacement.

Same for Linux vs. Windows. Linux is a Windows alternative, not a replacement.

So when you look for alternatives, don't expect them to be the same as the product you try to get rid of. It's very unlikely that you get 1:1 the same functionality. Try to learn from scratch.

I just read an article about WhatsApp alternatives that after talking lengthy about Telegram, Threema, Signal, Viper, Simsme, WeChat, Line, and Skype just to conclude that you have to maintain an WhatsApp account for your contacts anyway, so don't bother with alternatives.


Pro tip: When you rely on a messenger, but want to switch: Install the alternative, disable notifications for the old one and tell everyone, if it's urgent to use the new one. There is no need to stay in an ecosystem.

So the EU is working on a new regulation for whisteblowers.

Original intention: Protecting whistleblowers from legal consequences.

It turns out that the current draft says that they have to: Report it first inside the company, if that doesn't help, inform the local authorities, and only in cases where they have to fear heavy revenge by those, they are allowed to give their material to media.

Zapp made a piece about that:

"I worked for a company that used [...] a machine learning algorithm that combined the personality test results with data from people's resumes to determine which candidates were the best fit [...] The system saw we had lots of managers named Michael, so it kept recommending managers named Michael"

Seems like app developers have a hard time to understand that google-free Android exists. Currently try to get my bought Android App working. I wrote 3 emails and all answers told me to do something in playstore…

There is no playstore on my phone…

#2109 "Invisible Formatting" 

@fdroidorg is there an easy way to mirror your repositories?

Just to get some load off from your servers and improve load times locally.

If I missed some docs, I would love to get a pointer ;)

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