So today I published a new article about using web feeds and RSS in particular.

TL;DR: I use Nextcloud News to organize my feeds and create a very personal news mix that fits my taste. Besides that it allows me to drop lots of newsletters and I even do release management with it.

@sheogorath I started using Nextcloud News a few weeks ago to organize my feeds as well.

I used RSS heavily ~10 years ago, and I'm a bit sad that I've lost almost all of my existing sources and have to start from scratch again.

@thurloat why do you have to start over? Lost a backup of your feed reader config?

@sheogorath unfortunately just left to rot without backing it up then died with the google reader shutdown.

@sheogorath Yessss, I recently switched to this and it's working very well for me. I also discovered that both the Andriod app and Elfeed understand media attachments, so I've moved my podcasts over there, too.

@sheogorath That sounds really cool, been meaning to set up Nextcloud forever 😅

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