I hate the "own your data" meme in the decentralized social web. A friend of mine pointed out how useless the phrase is a few years ago and I agree. "Ownership" sounds an awful lot like digital "property", which is nonsense when moving from physical to digital stuff because copying doesn't destroy the original. The path you go down there is the path to artificial constraints like DRM. Yikes!

We should be talking about user autonomy instead. That's a much better meme.


@cwebber When looking at the rust world, their definition of ownership is quite interesting:

You own something, when you have the right to destroy it.

From that perspective "Own your data" still makes sense. You should be the person who is able to destroy/delete your data in a way that it's really gone.

I hope that makes sense.

@sheogorath @cwebber It makes sense, and that's the problem. That's exactly the kind of ownership DRM enforces.

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