Just tested Quirk, a GPL-licensed tool for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The idea is rather simple: you put your negative thought in there, categorize and analyse it, then find a better thought.

The app author highlights the privacy features of the app, but as it turns our, there are 11 trackers in it :/

The app author doesn't use those intentionally but they come with dependencies and they are active by default, as I just checked with a network analysis.

@zyx @sheogorath "can't fix it right now" is indeed not a good reason to close a bug....
isn't a bug tracker supposed to... ykno... track bugs... in the long term.... kinda like a TODO list.....?

@grainloom @zyx Well, this kind of bug isn't that easy to solve and it's nothing that would fit into the range of the project in first place.

As the options are:
1. Fix the build framework upstream, which is a ton of work and too much for a solo developer
2. Switch the build framework, which would be possible, but require a major rewrite of a software that just saw it's first official release.

Finally of course this issue looks quite negative for an app that, as mentioned, highlights privacy

@grainloom @zyx But since it's free software, we have the chance to fix that.

I don't know much about writing android applications, And even less about hybrid build frameworks. But when someone knows more about it, and there is an easy fix for things, I'm sure a PR would be more than welcome.

Hint: I didn't publish this here in order to warn about app in first place, but to give people the hint that the decision of a build framework and dependencies can have bad side effects.

@sheogorath @zyx idk, closing a bug for PR reasons is still bad imho
i would trust an app MUCH more if it disclosed what its blockers to full privacy are

@grainloom @zyx Just added some more detailed review.

Sadly those trackers aren't just there, they are also active and transmit data at app startup to Google and Facebook which includes the app name…

In other words: When you use this app for medical reasons Google and Facebook will know about it.

That's really unacceptable :/

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