For those who run on and wonder why there is no connection:

Matrix announced an emergency maintenance… on Twitter:

Sadly @matrix didn't receive the love it deserves and informs the Fediverse.

Anyway, that's why we have a community. We compensate short coming of each other and together make sure the world becomes a better place!


@matrix Turns out that there was a successful compromise of the Matrix infrastructure happening.

Details from Matrix on Twitter:

You may ask how that could happen, but more important: It didn't stay unnoticed and that's a good sign.



Yeah and comes to show how you don't want centralisation in federated systems. Or store private communication in unencrypted forms. The amount of data matrix has collected over time is scary. Federation did little to nothing to help that in this case. was the default for everything and it was confusing to use another instance, resulting in that almost every room at at least one matrix user.

@sheogorath @matrix however it happened, I'm glad that it didn't have anything to do with the security of the software itself (synapse), but rather the underlying infrastructure.
My guess would be that there was a server configuration issue, but we'll have to wait for the official explanation :)
Lets just hope they'll get everything back on the rails soon.

According to their blog update, it was a CVE in Jenkins, their CI server.

So yeah, good news that the compromise was unrelated to Matrix itself. 👍
@sheogorath @matrix

@sheogorath @matrix Thanks for telling us.

Sadly I'm cut off from Freenode now as I'm behind Tor and therefore can neither register a Freenode account nor run my own Matrix server (that anyone without Tor could access)

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