If you've ever mentioned working in the tech industry online, there's a good chance you're being indexed by this company, "human predictions". humanpredictions.io

Just a head's up. Massive privacy violations abound.

I knew stuff like this was going on, but it's a bit of a fucking wake-up call to realize this is how recruiters have been reaching out to me with unsolicited job opportunities. And I am legitimately scared that this is still the tech future we are living in.

Our privacy is sold to the highest bidder. We are simply cattle.

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Here's an example from their site of the kind of information they aggregate.

Yes, their customers can see every time you follow someone on Twitter and who you follow, in real time. They aggregate your StackOverflow presence, GitHub, all connected email addresses, LinkedIn, everything.

I feel violated.

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Like, this is an actual nightmare to me. This is one step away from a social credit system.

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@shaderphantom When you are an EU citizen you can request the deletion of all these data by GDPR. Additionally you can request all sources they got those data from and check with those sources of they had a permission to collect these data. If not, you can file a GDPR complaint against them, which (hopefully) results in a very sensitive fine.

@sheogorath @shaderphantom they don't say where they're from, so i assume they're from the US…


That's the nice thing about the GDPR it doesn't matter where they are from, it's important where you are from/are right now. If you are in the EU and an EU citizen, there is no way around being GDPR compliant.

Maybe @ulrichkelber is interested in this case. (It's his private account, but I hope he still has a look on this thread).


@sheogorath @hirojin @shaderphantom Being in Washington, I had a short look on this. Send a complaint to your local Data Protection Authority, they had to go after it (if you are a data subject to this service)

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