@yogthos What the Heck did I just read?

"ISPs are legally forced to block certain types of websites, such as those hosting copyright-infringing or trademarked content. Some ISPs also block other sites at their discretion, such as those that show extremist content, adult images, and child pornography. These latter blocks are voluntary […]"

So copyright infringement has to be blocked while blocking abuse of children is not required by law? This world becomes weirder every day…

@sheogorath @yogthos it's not the first idiotic move the UK government has made over Internet regulations over the years

Ouch, just noticed they're in RWB's Enemies of the Internet list

@sheogorath @yogthos ain't no money in blocking child porn, but if Disney don't get their slice of the pie they will campaign to get laws changed to the point where sovereign governments become the enforcers of the Disney copyright mafia.

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