Mhm, while sharing this article with someone (it's from 2017, but still interesting):

I started to wonder: Is there even a point where people decide to stop using Facebook(-owned) Services even when "their friends are there"? I mean, we have a lot of people on the Fediverse that deleted their account, but I wonder if some Facebook users are so dependent on it, that they decide "no matter what Facebook does, as long as they can 'hang out' with their friends it's fine".

@sheogorath Facebook uses some pretty damn mind tricks to bind people to it. This is deep psychology and hard to overcome. That's why I think it's in the democratic states responsibility to boost more fediverse services for such important digital infrastructure. Obviously these services hit a nerve and provide us something we want, but how it's implemented right now is horrible and a good example for a single money-driven entity in control that emphasises money over humanity.

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